Next Generation Of Proven Conveyors

With more than 25 years and three generations of FastBack, Heat and Control takes advanced knowledge of horizontal motion conveying to the next level. FastBack 4.0 is a circular to linear drive horizontal motion conveyor, a new solution in horizontal motion conveying. A key design feature is a rotational (circular) drive motion that produces a horizontal (linear) motion. Fastback 4.0 retains all the benefits Fastbacks are famous for including instant reversing capability; no flexures, linear bearings or bushings; and easy maintenance with high-pressure washdown capability, all in a small footprint.

Heat and Control, Inc.

PPM Technologies VF Advance

Electromagnetic Vibratory Motion Moves Fragile Products

Engineered to provide unparalleled performance and reliability, the PPM Technologies VF Advance upends the conventional “shaker” conveyor. Using electromagnetic vibratory motion, the VFA provides a compact, quiet conveying solution for moving even the most fragile products. The electromagnetic drive at the heart of the VFA eliminates belts, pulleys, gears, springs and other moving wear parts—minimizing downtime and maintenance. The drive, combined with patented rubber isolators, results in 98% vibration isolation efficiency for various installation options, including ceiling hanging or mounting onto existing substructures. An ideal solution for packaging distribution systems, seasoning drum feeding, multi-head weigh scale feeding or any process requiring precise speed regulation.

PPM Tech

VDG’s Hygienic SSV Series Drum Motor

Sanitary And Efficient Maintenance-Free Conveyor Belt Drive

VDG’s Hygienic SSV Series Drum Motor has all drive components enclosed inside the drum and is designed for 80,000 hours of continuous operation before maintenance, increasing efficiency and safety, and reducing operational costs. It features an IP69K-rated sealing system, withstands up to 3,000 psi washdown pressure and drives modular conveyor belts without using sprockets. SSV Drum Motors eliminate crevices that trap food by-products and bacterial harborage, reducing washdown time and water usage by 50% and providing the most hygienic belt drive solution for food handling conveyors. Available in a range of sizes, speeds, horsepower and belt profiles to suit various conveyor applications..

VDG (Van der Graaf)