The A+P Insulated Penthouse from Colma Coil

More Evaporator Solutions for Food Storage and Processing Facilities

The A+P Insulated Penthouse from Colma Coil is an insulated evaporator that is available for all industrial refrigeration system types. Mounted outside of the building envelope, it’s an ideal solution for cold storage warehouses and food processing facilities that seek increased safety and full utilization of the production space. The dual coil configuration in one enclosure allows the end user to sequentially defrost the evaporators, offering more system redundancy. Available with EC fan motors, the configuration provides the ability to mount the penthouse unit off the building roof or accommodate buildings with interstitial space. 

Colma Coil

CO2 Product Portfolio

CO2 Product Portfolio for Variety of Architectures 

Environmental regulations and corporate sustainability targets have set the stage for wider adoption of CO2 as a refrigerant in commercial refrigeration. For over a decade, Copeland has been committed to furthering CO2 refrigeration technologies by developing innovative solutions that make CO2 easier to adopt for the industry. Combining compression technology, advanced facility management and CO2 system controls, variable frequency drives, leak detection, CO2 system components and expert services, Copeland delivers seamless system integration that enables maximum system reliability, efficiency and simplicity of refrigeration systems. Our ever-expanding CO2 product portfolio includes a breadth of solutions for transcritical, cascade and secondary architectures. 


PPM Technologies Polar Blast

Ambient-air Cooling System Replaces 20 Feet of Traditional Cooling Conveyor

PPM Technologies Polar Blast is an ambient-air cooling system used to reduce the temperature of products before freezing, packaging or general handling. Typically positioned atop a conveyor, this simple, yet innovative, pull-through fan system directs filtered, high-velocity jets of air onto the product as it passes underneath, decreasing temperatures to 20 degrees above ambient. With a compact, space-efficient design, Polar Blast can replace more than 20 feet of traditional cooling conveyor. Although common to use multiple Polar Blasts to achieve the required product temperature, even with several units, it can be more cost-effective than a cooling tunnel or spiral cooler.

PPM Technologies, LLC