Ishida IX-PD Series X-ray machine

Take Product Safety And Quality Assurance To The Next Level

The photon counting dual-energy Ishida IX-PD Series X-ray machine employs an alternative sensor and accompanying image processing technology to give the highest sensitivity and accuracy of low-density and minute foreign object contaminant detection. This technology differentiates with high accuracy between product and foreign objects, reducing the rate of erroneous detection. The IX-PD Series also reduces operator oversight by visual inspection and manual effort. Even when product overlaps or has an uneven profile, high detection performance can be maintained.

Heat and Control, Inc

Integrated Hyperspectral Sorting System For Bacon Bits From Key Technology

A new hyperspectral sorting system for chilled bacon bits integrates Key’s VERYX BioPrint optical sorter with Key’s vibratory conveyors to improve food safety and product quality while maximizing efficiencies, increasing yield and reducing labor. As the world’s only sorter that can combine near infrared (NIR) hyperspectral detection with color cameras, VERYX BioPrint analyzes a richer set of data about the materials it is sorting to remove a wide variety of difficult-to-detect foreign material and product defects without false rejects. Key customizes each bacon bit sorting system to optimize overall system performance and meet the customer’s unique production objectives.

Key Technology