Hörmann doors was selected when a major food and beverage manufacturer was tasked with effectively separating several key operations rooms in its facility to improve sanitation and material handling. Initially, the aesthetics of the Speed-Commander 1400 SEL high-performance, high-speed roll-up door caught their interest, but after researching its features and benefits, they discovered that great looks was just the beginning of what the product had to offer for their specific applications.

One Speed-Commander 1400 SEL high-performance door was installed in an interior location between a warehouse and a busy production area with pedestrian traffic. Product is moved between the spaces on manual. The high-speed roll-up door makes it possible for the production area to maintain a comfortable and stable air temperature, with minimal cross air contamination from the warehouse, because the door opens at 80 IPS and closes quickly at  30 IPS. A second Speed-Commander 1400 SEL was installed in a utensil wash room where there is steady pedestrian traffic; equipment and utensils are brought into the wash room from the production area via manual, hand-operated pallets. Again, the goal is to move utensils into the washroom quickly, while minimizing airflow between that area and the production space.

In both door installations, motion detectors and touchless push buttons activate the doors, each of which promote sanitary conditions, which is a requirement that’s evaluated during inspections. 

Since the doors where installed in January 2017, the manufacturer has experienced a visible improvement with material handling, more organized traffic flows and the ability to maintain the desired temperature in the production space. When it comes to passing quality inspections conducted in the work spaces where the Speed-Commander 1400 SEL doors are installed, factors such as temperature, sanitation and material handling flow issues have been resolved and inspections successful.